About Us

We’re best friends that decided to pursue something we are passionate about. 
Unfortunately we weren’t passionate about starting a company like Facebook or something… but we still believe this to be what brings us the most joy. 
We both grew up in a small town in Alaska. We have known each other since we were five years old and are commonly mistaken as brothers due to having the same jokes and mannerisms.. It can be annoying at times.. but in the end, it really is great to always have someone who enjoys doing the same thing that you do. 
Whether its playing hockey, mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing or in this case, running a business.. it is common for us to be learning and enjoying it together. 
That being said.. we are not entirely the same person, and we appreciate our differences.. so heres a breakdown of what makes us different. 


We believe weddings are meant to be fun… and we’re here to help with that. 
You have enough to be stressed about when planning a wedding… your vendors should not be one of them. 
Be Present:
While structure and logistics are important and worth while.. We believe being fully present on your wedding day should be of upmost importance. 
What do we mean by fully present? We mean your whole life revolves around this one day when you surrender your imperfect self to another imperfect person.. to create something that is beautifully perfect in its own way. This moment should be free from distraction and stress.. we want to be there to capture it in a way that is as beautiful as the moment itself, so we want to do everything we can to avoid clouding the moment with stress. 
We Value Relationship:
Developing strong relationships with the couples who choose to work with us is the way we go about our business. It is very common for us to think of passed clients as friends and not clients. It really has been cool to see so many people (who we now call friends) tie the knot for life! We believe the emotional moments we capture are due to the close relationship we intentionally develop with our clients. A tough groom may not bare his soul to a stranger, but he will to a friend. And its especially great when that friends has a camera and knows how to use it. 

This is truly our favorite part about what we do. It really is amazing that we get to witness so many unique and intimate moments while doing what we call work. 

A hopeless romantic is hope for the world.